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Get 3 Marketing Pillars to Establish You as the Industry Leader

Experiment driven marketing will establish your business as the industry leader, As the industry leader, you get faster growth, customer loyalty, and higher revenues. This leadership is achieved through three marketing pillars: email, social media, and content marketing.

Pillar 1: Email Marketing

Promote your company’s products and services to new and existing clients. Your customer base is your email list!

Experimarketing for this pillar: Tests to increase email open rates, click through rates, and response rates.

Builds: Customer Desire

Pillar 2: Social Media

Build strong customer relationships. Show buyers who you are and the value your company provides.

Experimarketing for this pillar: Tests to increase engagement, likes, and traffic to your website.

Builds: Customer Trust

Pillar 3: Content Marketing

Most major purchases start with research online. Supply that information and position your company as the industry leader.

Experimarketing for this pillar: Tests to increase time on your website, purchase frequency, and search rankings.

Builds: Customer Value