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You run a great business. You can provide a lot of great products and services to a lot of people – and hopefully, more and more. But the message you send can’t just be a listing of your services – people don’t respond to that. How do we hit that spot between what your business can provide, and what your clients want?

During the strategy phase we got to establish who you are and where you stand in the market. Using all that information, we enter the creation phase. Our creation process is about convincing your customers that you’re the right ones to handle the job.

Generating content for your ad campaigns is careful work. The message you send has to match your objectives and targets the markets you need, rather than blasting your products and services for one and all. Ever since we shifted from television to the internet, customers have been in control of the information they receive. It’s no longer sufficient that you’re speaking. They have to know that your message is for them.

Shopping for businesses that offer the same service becomes a bidding war. With nothing else to go on rather than what your service is, the customer calls you both up for a price. If your competitor undercuts you on price, you’re sunk. Even if your competitor is using shoddy materials, unethical work practices, and delivering a product that costs the customer more in the long run – he still wins. It’s how some people have been doing it for years.

The antidote for all this is to demonstrate the value of your business. To share stories about the unique problems you were able to solve. To warn against the poor practices going on elsewhere in your market. Just by sending out these messages, you’re demonstrating that you’re actively engaged in your business’s reputation – and have not just set it on auto-pilot. It takes work, but that’s what we’re here for.

It’s called your unique selling proposition, and it’s the basis of all the content we create. If you’re a little quicker than the competition, our campaigns will make you the speed kings. The intent is to resonate with your customers – to give them confirmation in their feelings that the competition might be under serving their needs. Giving your customers the power of making an active choice works wonders.

Our creation process works seamlessly with our strategy phase. By knowing the story of where you came from, and the lessons you’ve learned along the way, your business stops being judged on the merits of its products alone. Your experiences have given you the right to speak with authority about your subject – yet, time and time again, owners stay mute about them in their marketing. It’s more work to find the human elements in your business’s story, but that’s what we’re here for. And believe us, the results will pay off.

In the end, however, it’s all about your customer. They have real needs – you see them every day, and get to know them a little more. The things you learn about your customers might make for great stories around the dinner table, but they can do so much more for your business. When people talk as humans, they’re able to find out what it is they can do to help. We create you content that’s about people helping people.

In case you’re wondering what this looks like on paper, we’ve set up a sample campaign. This report might mirror the one we set up for your business. We’re also completely adaptable, in case you’re bigger or smaller than the example used. Check it out to see how we execute creation, as a part of a solid, living strategy to bring your business to more people.