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Creation is about crafting a relevant message that will get into the hearts and memories of your customers when it lands on their ears. Our next phase, distribution, is about getting your message “out there.” This consists of broadcasting your content in a number of media and tailoring it to suit each one.

The perfect advertisement, if such a thing ever existed, would still grow stale if that were all you ever saw out of the company. Before, there were only a handful of specific formats that media owners would allow you to advertise in – thirty seconds of audio on a radio commercial, one minute of video for television, and so on. The internet has shredded those conventions, and now it’s up to the advertiser themselves to craft whatever box their message comes in. This is a challenging task. And Experimarketing is up to the challenge.

Having grown our business online, we know what works. We can make everything from a perfectly clickable 100-letter tweet, to an eBook so compelling that customers visiting your site will readily give you their email address. Once we have those addresses, we construct the email communications they will respond to – getting them to remember your name. We can make a social media presence that people share from and correspond with — even when they’re not in “shopping” mode. It’s a lot more work than making a bunch of 30-second commercials, but we’ve got more people on it.

With our up-to-date grasp on internet sales tactics, we work to turn passive viewers of your content into active leads. On the internet there are many opportunities for getting a customer to register his information with you so you can stay in touch. Not only will we bring these contacts in to join the conversation, we’ll provide the conversation starters that will keep them around.

It’s not all about advertising. An exciting thing is happening in the business world. Through social media, companies are getting the chance to enter conversations with customers even without doing any advertising. They get to see the conversations their potential customers are having, and jump in with their support and solutions. With us, you can remind your customers that your business is made up of humans. Where most advertising agencies would focus on a big ad campaign, we generate the things your company says every day. Because if we take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves.

As you can see, the internet has made things harder and easier at the same time. But we’ve got your traditional channels covered as well. If print and traditional media is in your strategy, we’ll work with our graphic designers and printers to make it happen for you. The result is more eyes on your business, in more places.

Each advertisement, each piece of messaging, is a mini-campaign unto itself. We carry out each of these with your company’s overarching six-month plan in mind, from copy writing, to design, to posting. It’d be a lot for one person to take on; that’s why it’s better to hire a whole Experimarketing team, at about the same cost.

We’ve attached an example of how this all looks on paper. Custom deliverables for each stage of your campaign, packed with concrete distribution strategies. Check out the plan we’ve set up for our example bike shop. And know that we can adjust these plans to your business, whether larger or smaller.

Experimarketing distribution gets your message where it needs to go.