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As your custom, all-inclusive, space-age marketing team, we’re pretty proud of the range of services we’re able to offer you. But they’re not serving your business if we’re not holding them accountable. Our process of measuring the effectiveness of what we do is so good, we named our entire business after it. This is Experimarketing.

Just as your custom campaigns are built to grow every six months, our Experimarketing plans are very much living things. We don’t believe in set-it-and-forget-it, cookie-cutter “solutions” to give your business. We monitor and evaluate the performance of our proposals through the tactic of competition.

Teamwork is essential, but what happens when you make things a competition? People will pull their weight a bit harder for the satisfaction of reaching that goal. A little incentive goes a long way in getting people excited to work again. Marketing strategies may not be able to get you excited, but we get excited about them – especially when we see how well they’re working.

There’s a lot of psychology in marketing. The slightest change in wording could turn a flatlining campaign around into a big sales booster. We have time to tinker with your web presence, email messages and more, and measure the results to craft you the best fit. It takes a lot of eyes on your campaign to do such close monitoring, and that’s just what we have.

We live in an age when customer feedback can be instantaneous and thorough. More messages going out through more channels means more chances to shift the message towards what customers really want to hear. By keeping a close eye on how people are responding, we continue to close a feedback loop that gets shorter and shorter by the day. Our manpower enables us to listen as well as talk. This gets your money working smarter for you. We feel like keeping a watchful eye on what we provide for you is our duty.

Keeping our ears open helps you, of course, but it helps us too. As you remember, we are tasked with devising new campaigns for you. Experimarketing is what actively informs these new designs, to determine what we can deliver for you, expand those programs, and cast aside what’s not working. Maybe your viewers prefer “how-to” rundowns over news articles. Maybe the same e-mail is getting way more clicks with a different subject line. It’s all about finding what works, then working it.

Contemporary marketing should be like a stock portfolio. The amount of channels involved in a campaign certainly keeps things diverse. Our team has a lot of strategies and formats in our playbook, and we’re always ready to tell you about the best ones to add to your plan. But, like your portfolio, you should be able to drop what doesn’t perform – because the whole should be about growth. Experimarketing is the day-to-day trading that keeps your portfolio performing at its best and making you big dividends.

For a better look at how this will work for you, check out our sample campaign. This is the report you might receive if you were to sign up for our services. Note the custom deliverables for each stage of our process. No matter if you’re bigger or smaller than our sample shop, we adapt to fit your scope.

A whole team, instead of one. A living, growing marketing relationship, instead of a fixed campaign. A new name for a whole new class of services, where business meet science meets the human element. Experimarketing – we’re pretty excited about it, and we hope you are too.