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Why Do You Need Content?

A 2012 Huffington Post article proclaimed, “In the digital age, every business is in the publishing industry”. Fast-forward to 2015, and this statement is truer than ever.

What many people don’t realize is that content has always been at the heart of marketing. When you want to market a product, you go to where your customers are. In the past, this might mean buying advertising space in a magazine read by your customers.

These days, your customers are more likely to be reading blogs and online articles than print magazines. So one of the best ways to get your customers to know about your products is to create quality blogs and articles that will interest your customers. Instead of hiring a temporary space in a popular magazine, you can become the magazine yourself.


The Experimarketing Advantage

It can be tough to create good content regularly without having a dedicated employee (or team of employees) to do this job. With Experimarketing, you get a team of writers and editors who can produce premium content for any industry.

The person who edits the articles will be a different person to who wrote them, so there’s much less room for error than if you were to give this job to just one person. Furthermore, article topics and titles will be carefully researched and tested to optimize their effectiveness.


Content Builds Your brand

Building up a store of great online content is an excellent long-term strategy to strengthen your company and build your brand. Once you publish an article, it will continue to receive traffic and help add to your trustworthiness well into the future. It’s very difficult for a new competitor to dislodge you from your search engine rankings or prove their superior expertise when you already have hundreds of high-quality articles on your website.

Online content allows you to build trust with your customers in a way that other marketing strategies never can. By providing a useful article such as a tutorial or a ‘how to’ guide, you develop a sense of loyalty and respect in your potential customer. People are much more likely to buy from someone who has already helped them and demonstrated their expertise in this way.

You might think that because your competitors aren’t producing much content, you don’t need to either. Well, there’s another way of looking at this. Your competitors’ failure to act and move into the digital age leaves an incredible opportunity open to you: you can dominate your industry online through publishing high-quality content.


Articles and Blogs

Articles and blogs give you the chance to show your company’s expertise, build trust, and get customers through search engine traffic.

Experimarketing only hires top-quality native English-speaking writers to create excellent articles for clients. These articles are usually around 1000 words long, meaning readers will have something substantial to get their teeth into.

These articles are written for humans to read, but we also follow the latest SEO best practices to ensure Google and other search engines will love your site.

With the Starter Plan, you get 2 new blog posts per month. This is enough to improve your long-term SEO and credibility, and keep your website looking fresh.

With the Plus+ Plan, you get 8 articles a month. This shows customers and clients you really mean business and have sufficient expertise to produce high-quality content regularly.

With the Professional Plan, you get 16 articles a month. This almost means publishing every working day, and demonstrates that your company is one of the leaders in its industry.


Uploading Content to WordPress

Once you’ve got an article written and edited, you still need to upload it to your website. Uploading content in WordPress isn’t difficult, but it is time-consuming and fiddly. Unlike many other marketing companies, we don’t just create your content; we upload and schedule it too. This frees up your staff’s time to work on what they do best.

We will upload all content we create for your site, and also additional content you create yourself.

With the Starter Plan we will upload up to 3 pieces of content a month (2 blog posts plus 1 piece of your own content).

With the Plus+ Plan we will upload up to 16 pieces of content a month (8 blog posts plus 8 pieces of your own content).

With the Professional Plan we will upload up to 32 pieces of content a month (16 blog posts plus 16 pieces of your own content).


Custom Graphics for Blogs

To add extra value to your blog, we create custom graphics for each article. These images professionally designed and highly sharable, increasing your company’s exposure. Images contain your company name or website as a watermark, so that they can’t be reused by other people.

With the Starter Plan we will create 1 custom graphic per month for your blog (additional content will use stock images).

With the Plus+ Plan we will create 8 custom graphics per month for your blog (1 for each article).

With the Professional Plan we will create 16 custom graphics per month for your blog (1 for each article).


Website Analytics Setup and Tracking

Using web analytics is an absolute must. It’s essential to monitor your site’s traffic in order to know how to increase traffic and ultimately sales. Setting up Google Analytics can be a chore if you haven’t done it before, and once it is installed many businesses don’t know how to use it effectively. At Experimarketing, we will set up Google Analytics for your site and have an analyst regularly review and analyze your traffic so that we can tailor your strategy accordingly.

This service comes with all three plans: Starter Plan, Plus+ Plan, and Professional Plan