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Experiments are central to everything we do at Experimarketing.

Instead of investing time and money on an unproven marketing strategy, we first seek scientific validation through testing different marketing hypotheses. Big-picture marketing strategies are compartmentalized into different building blocks, all of which can be tested and optimized through experimentation.

Through experimentation we ensure continual improvement. If you’re just doing what you’ve always done, eventually a competitor will come along and do something new and better. Through investing a percentage of our budget in experimentation, we make sure our marketing strategies never stand still, but are instead continually evolving and improving.

Effective experimentation requires more than a shift in mindset. Knowing what to test, how to measure and interpret the results, and what to do with that knowledge requires a systematic approach. Experimarketing has a continually improving infrastructure for conducting experiments, analyzing the results and adjusting strategy accordingly.

Experiments uncover new opportunities. Instead of relying on our assumptions, we experiment with less obvious approaches that can outstanding results.

This service comes with all three plans: Starter Plan, Plus+ Plan, and Professional Plan.