When it comes to marketing educators, Todd Falcone is hard to miss. Over more than twenty five years in the marketing field, he has taught thousands of people.

His popularity comes from the mix of his no-nonsense style with a humorous approach. Every program he creates is eagerly anticipated by a loyal horde of fans, and his influence is still growing. Falcone clearly has some marketing lessons to teach.

What is Network Marketing?

Todd Falcone has a clear specialty; his name is almost synonymous with network marketing. Network marketing, also called multi-level marketing, is a marketing method that encourages sales agents to actively build networks to market to.

You may recognize this method in the form of its most famous exponent: Tupperware. Network marketing began with in-house presentations, hotel meetings, and face-to-face meetings. Over time, it has extended its toolkit to include more modern technologies. When you want to know how to use the network marketing toolkit, Todd Falcone can help you like no other.

But the true marketing lessons Falcone teaches are broader. The truths that sell plastic containers to housewives extend beyond face-to-face marketing. Network marketing shows the essence of marketing in two important lessons that can be applied in any way, shape, or form. You won’t need to visit your entire audience to practice what Falcone preaches. When you listen to Falcone, he will teach you marketing beyond his own field.

  1. Making a Personal Connection

The important thing in network marketing is making a personal connection. The reason you’re meeting with people is to make that connection. The key to selling is to find out exactly what turns your audience into customers.

When you’re meeting with your audience and look into their eyes, you’re making that job a lot easier. And when you’re selling a revolutionary product, you’ll need to demonstrate its virtue to inform your customers.

But you don’t need to meet every potential customer to make that connection. The key is to understand that the better you understand the problem you’re solving, the easier it gets to promote your solution. Show your audience that you truly understand them and that you are just like them.

Think about the most memorable Superbowl commercials; it’s the perfect example of a brand showing they know what moves you. When that understanding is established, marketing is made so much easier.

  1. Spreading Your Passion

Another key part of network marketing is passion. Not simply the passion you may have for a product, but being passionate about solving people’s problems, and about the impact you can have in someone’s life.

In most network marketing companies, you can leverage your impact by recruiting a sales force of your own. As you get more established and grow your influence, you can leverage your network to get more income through sales.

The key to growing your network is being passionate about your work. As the effectiveness of your sales recruits is essential for your own success, you need to rub off your passion on your team. The better you can stir their passion, the better your network marketing will work.

Being really passionate about your work is not a marketing technique in itself. Spreading your passion certainly is.

For example, think about McDonald’s, a company that relies on other things than passion. Nobody truly likes working at McDonald’s or gets excited about their hamburgers, and you’ll have to press your friends for a recommendation from their menu.

But other hamburger places get recommendations all the time. Most likely, those restaurants were started because the owner was passionate about hamburgers. He then made sure his passion rubbed off on his products, and probably even his team.

And it’s not just small and unique businesses that can use their passion as a marketing lesson. Think about Harley Davidson, the most tattooed brand in the world. Or take Starbucks, Apple, Whole Foods, and many other businesses that ignite a passion in their customers.

All those brands sell something that could easily be replaced by a competitor’s product, but at the core of their success is a passion for their products that has passed on to their customers. It is their passion that has become their greatest marketing tool.

And if Todd Falcone can teach you anything, it is that spreading your passion and making a personal connection will get your marketing very far.

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