There Are 4 Steps In Building A Website…

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First, here’s our website-building story…

We would NOT be surprised if you are struggling with your current website. That’s because we were actually in the same situation not too long ago…

When we were starting out, we didn’t have the easiest time developing websites. Which is somewhat of an understatement.

We tried and failed to build our own websites that were profitable. We couldn’t get the right design, the right content, and bring enough traffic to our websites!

Out of desperation, we decided to try one last thing. We created a plan to buy two websites which were already producing revenue! If one of them worked, we thought maybe we could improve from there…

So, that’s exactly what we did, we bought two different websites. Much to our dismay, one of them quickly crashed and burned. But we were fortunate that the other one, a kitchen design website, kept making a little money.

So we turned all our attention to that kitchen design website. We studied it and maintained it. And after we figured out how to run it correctly, we improved it further. In fact, we were able to increase its revenue by 320%. Not bad!

We achieved that by improving the content and the placement of the content on the site. Then, using what we learned, we decided to buy another site and try to repeat the process.

And so we bought another site. And another. Until we had acquired 12 sites in total. Every time we bought a new site we were excited to learn new techniques, new systems, and new strategies.

Our Secret Recipe to Success?

Actually, there is NO secret at all!

We just took all the experiences from our initial 12 websites and applied them in the new project! We also collaborated with experts to apply new techniques in web development.

This breakthrough helped us to combine everything we learned! We developed a series of systems that helped us to effectively build successful, well-built websites. We came up with a system that enabled us to help others develop their own websites.

Since then, we have helped many small businesses improve their websites! We used different strategies developed from our experiences in developing our own websites.

We are sharing our story to help you deal with the challenges of running your own website. Because running your own website is definitely a big challenge! Like we mentioned, our journey started with a healthy dose of failure before we were able to figure things out.

So now, let us share some of the key things we learned which you can also apply to your current website and avoid the pain of going in the wrong direction.

There are four important steps in developing your website:





Let’s talk about them in depth…

Building a top-tier website without WIREFRAMING is doomed for failure…

It is like building a house without first getting a set of blueprints created.

Can you imagine constructing a house without a blueprint? If it sounds outrageous, the same is true if you are building a website without a wireframe!

Wireframing provides you with a “blueprint”, “manual” or “flow chart”! So, you don’t get lost in building your ideal website!

Wireframing is the first important step in building a website. The process includes planning, structuring and choosing the elements to appear in your site…

If you don’t start with wireframing, you will encounter issues while building your website!

Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with the importance of wireframing.

It’s no wonder, many websites are not reaching their potential… since they skipped this core planning process. Skipping this results in lackluster traffic and sales!

In contrast, how many successful websites benefited from using wireframes? Websites with consistent traffic and sales are arguably products of good planning!

Here are some benefits you get by having wireframing as your 1st step in building your website:

    1. ONE VISION – wireframing organizes everyone’s ideas and inputs into one draft that serves as the roadmap of the whole project…
    2. EASY DEVELOPMENT – wireframing makes you focus on the architecture of the project first and provides clear direction to the project…
    3. SAVINGS – wireframing can cut costs for unnecessary coding rewrites and critical errors that come with unplanned projects…
    4. SEAMLESS INTEGRATION – wireframes can be easily integrated with other design programs which saves a lot of time and effort…
    5. IMPROVED USER EXPERIENCE – wireframing determines how the user and software respond to each other which is critical to creating a good user experience…

If you haven’t tried wireframe with your current website, it may be the best time to do it! A good wireframe makes it easier to proceed with the next steps in developing your website!
Wireframing provides you with an outline or a “blueprint” for your website. Once you have the blueprint built you can move onto the next step which is actually building a design around your wireframe.

Now that you have the wireframes built, the design will flow easily from the blueprints you have created.

One more thing to mention…

One of the perks of going through each of these 4 steps is also to identify gaps, come up with new ideas, and make sure everything is working in harmony. At each step along the way, you as the business owner have the opportunity to make changes and adjustments. This results in a much more refined final product. The quality level goes way up.

Now back to the design….

Most of your traffic and sales concerns begin with your DESIGN!

How effective is your design in getting visitors and sales to your website?

In one of our tests, we wanted to see what the effect would be on a website when ONLY a redesign was applied to it. This means, without changing the content on the page (any of the wording or images).

During the testing process we found out something quite surprising to us at the time. We found that users behaved differently on each of the different designs we created. Visitors were more (or less) likely to click on an ad or call-to-action depending on where it was placed on the page.

The results weren’t minor, like just a few percentage points. In some cases, we saw wild swings where a page could increase its performance by more than half or drop the results down so low it was barely performing.

In hindsight, and with experience, we have come to understand the logic behind those changes. It has to do with where the elements are placed so they are easy to access and visually that they are easy to see.

And remember, we’re talking about the placement of the design here! We’re not even considering how appealing the design is. Which also has an additional influence on behavior.

By implementing the structural blueprint approach of the wireframing, and combining it with design elements to build visual appeal we begin to have an exact website vision in mind.

Once this is perfectly in place, we can move onto the technical work of coding the website.

THE CODE determines what websites DO or NOT DO…

Your website is only as good as your code… So, it is important to know how these languages are structured. This knowledge enables you to build within the confines of the language.

Understanding Python, JavaScript, and PHP helped us a lot in developing successful websites. With the use of these coding languages, we were able to maximize website possibilities for various businesses!

These languages are constantly updated and changed. This is to patch security loopholes… make them run faster… and to interact with other languages. It’s important to regularly update a site to apply these changes

A site can gain “technical debt” if it isn’t regularly updated. And this debt gets deeper with every passing month. It can even cause a hard break in your site, where it won’t function anymore.

So, your website should be running with the latest tech. It helps to prevent your website from getting hacked. And it also keeps it from looking like it came straight from the 90’s…

Does your CONTENT have the power to attract?

Content attracts… (1) Hungry Visitors and (2) Fast Action

Visitors are primarily consumers. Visitors come to consume content, whether they want to find your hours, get a quote, or learn about your services. So, it’s important to have good quality, clear, and informative content.

By creating content, you improve your chances of getting visitors. If you have good content then search engines will reward you with more visitors. And other users will link to your content and this will help you to get even more visitors.

Since content is so critical to a site’s success we devoted a lot of work to our content development processes. We have made 10k+ pieces of content; including e-books, landing pages, and blog articles. And this content has brought in a lot of traffic, currently at 22,398,157 views and counting…

To maximize the power of your content, be sure to use topics that your viewers can easily relate with… like something related to new trends in fashion, entertainment, sports, and the like…

You have read about the four steps to building a new website! How was your own experience with those 4 steps?

If you want… You can start your first step for free!

Join a FREE WIREFRAME SESSION where we will build a wireframe for your site live with you on a video call.

But before we go into details, let’s look at your current website first… Here’s a little assessment tool you can use to diagnose your site.

Which of these problems does your current website suffer from?

Check the one/s you can identify in your current website:

  • VOutdated design or format
  • VSlow in loading
  • VMissing essential business information
  • VBad font size / Design
  • VLack of interesting content
  • VLow quality images
  • VIncomplete Ideas
  • VCluttered appearance
  • VErrors are common
  • VDisorganized

These problems can be best addressed with your FREE WIREFRAME SESSION! By creating a blueprint for the site, we can immediately address many of these areas right from the beginning.

A good designer will help you take your raw ideas for your revamped or new website and turn them into a blueprint. This blueprint will make it easier for you to envision how your new website will look like… and how it will function!

Your FREE WIREFRAME SESSION will take place on a video call, where you will get to see the work done live. If you decide to build your new website after the session, we can give you a fair and reasonable quote to build it for you…

And if, for any reason, you decide NOT to build your website after the session, you are free to keep the wireframe design that we created for you live on the call!

Let’s start building the blueprint for your business’s #1 marketing asset: your website!

Select a spot with a designer NOW!


Just think about this…You are paying $0.00 for the 1st of 4 steps in building a new website!



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