Hello there!

I get a lot of business owners telling me they “want to do some marketing”.

So, one of the things I do is give them an overview of things they could do.

But, another thing I have found works even better for them, is to talk about recent projects I (or my team) have worked on.

These conversations always spark creative ideas for their own business.

“Help clients spark creative ideas for their businesses.”

And we would do this by talking about recent projects, the same as I do when I talk to clients one-on-one.

These are now published on our projects page.

About Projects

Each project has a quick one page summary so you can quickly see what was done and what the results were.

And if you are interested in the project, you can download the full case study. (Usually 15x to 30x longer and includes a ton of info)

I hope these projects will spark your own creative marketing ideas for your own business.

And if you want us to help you with those new ideas, or to carry out a similar project as you see listed, click the contact button right away!


Jordan Arsenault


Tell us about your project. We know how to incorporate the tech solutions that best suit your case. Just drop us a line to get yours!