Case Study for sawback craft co.

Custom-Designed Software for Operations

A stair building company was looking for a way to help with their operations. We custom-built software that helped them manage their business, saved time, and freed up the owner to do other work.



Project Overview


Sawback wanted a custom-software that would allow anyone on the team to create orders for stairs easily and quickly.  (Orders include: stair dimensions, cut list of parts, lumber to order, and an invoice.)

Client Needs

The owner wanted to be able to reduce the time to enter orders, standardize the process, and simplify it so anyone could enter orders. 

what we did to help them


Software Design

The software had several parts: 

1. Estimate creation: to create an accurate estimate for each stair piece, and generate a final price easily. 

2. Lumber order: a custom algorithm was created to minimize lumber waste, so the minimum amount of lumber was ordered for every set of stairs. This was to reduce costs.  It was significantly more accurate than mental estimates.

3. Cut list generator: based on the stair pieces, stair type, and the stair measurements, a cut list generator was created to calculate the exact cuts needed for each stair order. This information was fed into the custom algorithm mentioned above.

4. User Interfaces: Sawback can view all their open orders, or orders by status. The associated information can be exported or printed quickly and easily. Orders can also be cloned to duplicate complex orders quickly. 


The main challenge with this software was pulling out all the industry-specific knowledge that Sawback Craft Co had.  

There were a number of custom calculations, algorithms, and rule-sets that needed to be developed to build the software.

Thankfully, the Sawback owners had an excellent understanding of how each set of stairs was built, so we were able to develop the software from interviews with the ownership.


The software reduces errors in their manufacturing process, speeds them up, reduces lumber waste, and frees up the owner’s time.

This helps to keep their quality higher while they operate at full capacity – without requiring more of the owner’s time.

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