The short answer is yes! Marketing can help ANY kind of business take off to a level that you would never get to if you just sit around and wait for your customers to find you.

Assuming you offer a solid product or fantastic services, you’ll already have some very satisfied customers spreading your company’s name by word of mouth.

But in the modern business world, it takes a lot more to beat your eager and aggressive competition.

Just having your shop in plain view won’t bring in the customers…

you need a good marketing campaign.


How marketing makes a difference

New customers don’t choose to buy just because of a product anymore. There are a lot of options out there for your customers to spend their hard-earned money on. What can differentiate your business from all the others?

A well-planned marketing campaign will not just spread the word about your company and its goods and services, a well-executed program will also tell people about your company and the people in it.

Customers are drawn towards a company just as much as they are to a good product. People will always pay more for a product if they “know” the company delivering it.

Marketing doesn’t just inform customers about what you offer, it also shows who you are – it paints a picture of your company so that potential customers can make a connection with your business.


Better marketing = more customers = more sales

So if you have a bookshop (a very tough market these days), how can you compete against giant companies that are household names? It’s not impossible, but being passive and waiting for something to happen will close your doors faster than anything else.

If you just maintain an inventory and shop front, how will people find you? When they pass by your doors, why would they come in? If they DO come in and see something they like, what stops them from going back home and ordering the same product online?

There are many ways to solve these very normal business problems, and a good marketing program can address each concern you may have.

Marketing through local ads, social media, a company mailing list, and so on will help your company reach more customers so that more people will be coming by. Customers will be drawn in by the story that is painted by a good marketing campaign.

The best marketing campaigns can take your business and give it a “human touch”, and give character and personality to your business. By making people aware of what you offer and exciting them about your business, you can practically guarantee your long-term competitiveness.


Starting a marketing campaign

So let’s say that you decide to take the plunge and start a marketing campaign. How do you go about it?

Too many times companies turn to a senior employee in the company and say, “You’re in charge of marketing now. Start a campaign; we want to see results in a month. Good luck!”

With no experience, no training, no support, and with the additional responsibilities this person already has, how can this be an effective solution?


Hiring professionals

Instead of turning over the reputation of your company to someone with no experience or even paying the full cost of hiring a new team of full time marketers for your company, why not outsource your marketing needs to professionals?

Established professionals can do the work better, faster, and more reliably than an internal team with no experience because that’s what we do. Here at Experimarketing, we are highly experienced, constantly evolving, and ready to customize our approach to suit your company’s style and your unique niche.

In short, there is really no downside to having a good marketing program on your side and the benefits are absolutely worth it.

Having a good marketing program is like having someone work for you 24/7. A good company website with connected social media allows potential customers to find out more about your company all the time – it never stops. What could be better?

Are you leaving money on the table by not marketing effectively? Get a free marketing consultation call and find out!

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