I am working with two different companies right now to help them implement proper systems so they can handle more growth.

In doing this, I have been considering the systems that run Experimarketing too and decided to make a few changes for the companies I am helping and for Experimarketing.

In order to implement proper systems, you need to be able to manage information.

I had been using Dropbox to manage a lot of things, but I was running into some areas where I couldn’t do what I wanted with Dropbox

For instance, if I want to have 100 processes/systems for a business, Dropbox becomes very cumbersome. It is difficult to manage that much information in a streamlined manner.

For a while I was considering setting up a wiki on a subdomain for each business, but it was a headache to try to make it work how I wanted.

The wiki format is great, but I wanted to easily manage permissions and store files too.

The solution turned out to be something that has been around for quite a while, but I had never discovered its potential.

It is Google Sites, combined with Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.  Again, this has been around for a while, but I had never understood how to make everything work together in a system format.

After the initial setup of Google Sites, it has already gotten easier. I can do the permission levels that I want and tie them to people’s Google accounts, which means they don’t actually have to login every time they visit.  As long as they haven’t logged out of their Google account, they are automatically logged in.

The company’s team has the ability to update processes instantly without my input, as well as make comments on processes (or pages).

The key is that this use of technology is improving the systems that help the business to function.  It doesn’t matter whether you use Dropbox, Google Sites, or a wiki.

A strong business needs to have strong business systems behind it.  Without business systems, your business will reach a ceiling of complexity that you won’t be able to break through.