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To take your sales to the next level, you need a game plan. You might be at the stage where you’re ready to hire a marketing employee. Yet, they don’t always come in with the best strategies for your business – if they come up with strategies at all. Often times management is left to develop or advise the marketing strategy. We think you’ve got better things to do.

At Experimarketing, strategy is an essential part of our process. We’ve got a proactive approach to strategy that will strengthen your marketing execution from the start. We know the right questions to ask – and get answers to, where possible – before we get started. We set out to learn your story -past, present, and future. How did you get into business? Why do people come to you now?

Knowledge is power. At Experimarketing, we’re big into details. We want to know where your sales are coming from – whether they’re in store or online. Who is referring your customers to you? Other customers, newspaper ads, radio, web? If you don’t know, we’ll help you find out.

Though data is important, it will take the human element to figure out exactly why your customers come to you instead of the competition. Once we put this into words, we can tailor our messages to confirm what your customers have been feeling about you, and clue others in to the level of rich fulfillment you provide.

All of this takes close observation from an insider entrenched in your company’s culture. But at Experimarketing, we know there are important observations to be made from the outside perspective as well. If all a marketing employee has to go on are your own internal reports, they can get stuck in a feedback loop. How do your messages really look from the outside? Are the up-to-date and in-the-know, or static and stale? Are you keeping up appearances on social media – starting the conversations that people will join?

Part of strategy is an observation of what your company is currently capable of. Messages to your customers aren’t created out of thin air. Where is your content coming from? Once we see how your conversations are going, we can help expand your resources so you’re not always the one who’s left with coming up with something to say.

Once we’ve gotten to know who you are, what you say, and where you stand in your market, Experimarketing designs campaigns with custom deliverables in each phase of execution. In following these, we have a clearer idea on what to do day-to-day than your average marketing employee. By determining and executing a game plan, we save you on the oversight needed to keep an employee on task and thinking ahead.

And perhaps the best thing about our strategy plans is that they grown along with you. We build campaigns that are designed to transition into one another after six-month intervals. The first campaign will build the groundwork for the second, which will allow us to carry out the third, and so on.

Just how do these campaigns look on paper? Download our guide now for an exclusive, in-depth look at our campaign structures, with our sample campaign. Once you understand our method, you’ll be convinced that our approach is the smartest one around for your money.

As you read, keep in mind that Experimarketing is adaptable by design. Whether you’re just starting out, or ahead of our sample bike shop in the game, we’ll have a campaign to fit you.

Take a look at our sample campaign and see if our vision for your strategy is in line with yours. We think you’re going to love what we can do for your business.