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Social Media

At the very least, having a professionally managed social media presence is vital to your credibility in today’s marketplace. When done properly, however, social media can drive growth through viral posts, raise customer loyalty, and bolster your brand. Social media also backs up all of your other marketing efforts, for example by promoting blog posts.


Social Media Accounts

Should our business use Facebook or Twitter? What about Pinterest? The truth is, your business should be using several social media accounts to reach out to customers. Every social media platform is different, and requires a different approach. At Experimarketing we’ll give your business a presence on several social media platforms, giving you maximum exposure.

With the Starter Plan we will run 1 social media account for your business (usually Facebook, though you can choose this).

With the Plus+ Plan we will run 3 social media accounts (usually Facebook, Twitter and Google+, though you can choose these).

With the Professional Plan we will run 4 social media accounts (usually Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, though you can choose these).


Custom Graphics

Image posts are far more likely to be shared on social media platforms than plain text posts. We have professional designers create sharable custom graphics to post on social media accounts. These graphics will be shared, liked and commented upon, and will give your business a professional look.

With the Starter Plan, you get 1 custom social media graphic per month.

With the Plus+ Plan, you get 4 custom social media graphics per month.

With the Professional Plan, you get 8 custom social media graphics per month.


Social Posts (Original)

What should you post on Facebook and Twitter? How often and at what time of day should you post? Experimarketing takes care of all creating and scheduling original posts for your social media accounts. We use a variety of post formats including posting original images and graphics. Post styles are continually tested to maximize impact.

With the Starter Plan, we will create and post 2 original social media posts per month.

With the Plus+ Plan, we will create and post 20 original social media posts per month (about 1 every working day).

With the Professional Plan, we will create and post 30 original social media posts per month (1 every single day).


Social Posts (Shared)

Social media is, by definition, social. This means your social media accounts shouldn’t look like a one-way conversation—you need to engage. Sharing other people’s social media posts is a great way to do this. This shows you understand the wider conversation about topics that affect your company and your industry. It also increases the chances that others will share your posts.

This service comes with all three plans: Starter Plan, Plus+ Plan, and Professional Plan. We will share up to 20 posts per month.