Steps to create a customer profile

5 Steps to Create a Product Customer Profile

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A product customer profile is an essential document that should be used to define the target customer for a product. It’s more specific than a target market, or demographic; it is a single customer-centric exercise. The customer profile is composed of not only demographic information like age and gender, but psychographic and behavioral information as well. Having a strong product …

What makes a good blog post?

Before You Hit Publish… What Makes a Good Blog Post?

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No doubt you have read both good and less-than-good blog posts. You might now be working on your own, in fact. You might have aspirations that you want your content to turn viral, to help people, to boost your business, or any other objective. Regardless of the topic, you can’t settle for anything short of “just right.” It has to …

4 Marketing Lessons from Starbucks

4 Marketing Lessons from Starbucks (That Anyone Can Use)

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With locations in almost 70 countries, Starbucks has become one of the most powerful global brands. From malls to airports and everywhere in between, it can be difficult to not find a Starbucks location within a five-mile radius of you. Born from a single store in 1971, the chain grew their product offering from roasted whole coffee beans to a …

Best Parctices for Maximizing Email Open Rates

Best Practices for Maximizing Email Open Rates

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As the importance of engaging your audience grows, email is one of the best ways to communicate with them. Why? Some of the reasons are: You can directly contact your audience You can combine graphics and text for more attractive messages and use longer copy if needed You can personalize messages for your recipients As the importance of engagement grows, …

How to hire a marketing team on a small budget

How to Hire a Marketing Team on a Small Budget

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We all want the best team on our side to spread the good word about our products or services. We also know that the best isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t the best. What if there was a way to get a professional marketing team even on a limited budget? It IS possible and we’ll show you how.   Start with …

Facebook marketing mistakes

Are You Making Any of These 5 Facebook Mistakes?

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Facebook has come a long way from the friend-finder and local network site that it once was. With their widely used ad platform and a user base recently surpassing 1 billion people, there’s no reason why you can’t use Facebook to reach people would be interested in purchasing from you. However, there are many pitfalls you might not be aware …

11 proven lead generation techniques

11 Proven Lead Generation Techniques

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Leads. Prospects. Customers. Many businesses worry about where their customers are going to come from, but don’t have proper methods to even get their leads. After all, people aren’t simply going to “find” you. To make it easier to source people who would be interested in your product, we’ve come up with 11 proven lead generation techniques.   1) Affiliate …

How Your Non-Mobile Friendly Website Is Killing Sales [+ 2 Practical Fixes]

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~ Guest post by Alex Lee Is your business website mobile-friendly? If it is – great! But if it isn’t? Your website could be driving visitors away to your competitors.  And costing you thousands, if not millions of dollars of revenue. Skeptical? Let me show you research that proves it. As of January 2014, for the first time in Internet …